40% of Deer Have COVID, So Why Are We Wearing Masks?

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If the COVID-19 virus is alleged to have originated in wild animals, doesn’t it make sense that it could pass from humans to animals too? We actually already know that answer, and it’s yes. No doubt you’ve heard the various cases of pets coming down with COVID or being tested for COVID antibodies. But the reality of COVID in animals could be far greater than many suspect.

A recent survey of hundreds of white-tailed deer across four US states found that 40% of them had COVID antibodies, indicating that they had been infected with the virus. That means that wild animals could very well be a reservoir for the COVID virus. If that’s the case, it doesn’t really matter what we do with the human population, because the virus could keep coming back from its wild animal reservoirs into the human population.

The goal of the CDC seems to be to try to eradicate the virus through vaccinations and mask mandates, despite the fact that that’s probably impossible. And now that we know wild animals have been infected with the virus and could become reservoirs, it makes it even more ridiculous to enforce mask mandates and vaccine mandates. The virus in the wild could very well jump back to humans, mutate, develop vaccine resistance, etc.

It’s pure idiocy to believe that anything the CDC could do would eliminate COVID. Pandora’s box has been opened, so now we’re at the point where we can only mitigate whatever damage the virus does, not prevent its spread. Since we know the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID, as vaccinated individuals can still spread it, and we know that masks are ineffective, why does the CDC insist on continuing such wrong-headed policies?

It’s well past time for us to shake off this medical tyranny and the pseudo-scientific nonsense that spews from the mouth of Fauci and his ilk. We’ve been led down a very dangerous road, one which threatens the basic freedoms we take for granted under the guise of keeping us safe. The reality is that COVID is here to stay, and anything that purports to help us by stopping the spread is nothing more than garbage that needs to be fought at every turn.

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