6 Pieces of Advanced Medical Equipment for the Prepper

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Most preppers understand the need to stock up on medical supplies. Whether it’s basic first aid or stockpiling trauma kit supplies, being able to bandage yourself up when medical attention is unavailable can be a lifesaver. But for the advanced prepper who may have some additional medical knowledge, EMT certification, or other advanced medical training, those items may not be enough. Here are a few extra items that can come in handy in a post-SHTF situation.

1. Mercury Thermometer

Yes, battery-powered thermometers are cheap and easily available. But batteries won’t always be available. Mercury thermometers may get a bad rap because of the toxicity of mercury, but when was the last time you heard of a mercury thermometer breaking? As long as you take proper precautions, the thermometer won’t break and you won’t have a thing to worry about. More importantly, you’ll have a thermometer that will last just about forever.

2. Blood Pressure Cuff

Here again the old-fashioned manual blood pressure cuff is the best way to check blood pressure. Battery-powered cuffs aren’t always the most accurate, plus we run into the battery problem again. When you need to check blood pressure it’s good to have that manual backup.

3. Glucometer

With so many people suffering from diabetes today, a glucometer can be a very important part of the prepper’s tool kit. For those with type 1 diabetes, a glucometer is absolutely essential to taking blood sugar readings. These are going to be battery-powered, so make sure you have plenty of batteries stocked up.

4. ENT Equipment

That’s ENT as in ear, nose, throat. Some of the most common ailments are those of the ear, nose, and throat. Having the right tools to look into someone’s ears, observe their eyes, or examine their throat can help diagnose ear infections, inflamed tonsils, and a whole host of other ailments.

5. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Twenty or thirty years ago you may not have known what a pulse oximeter was. Now they’re in common use and you’ll likely see them at your next doctor’s visit. They measure the saturation of oxygen in red blood cells, and can be used to diagnose problems associated with shortness of breath or breathing difficulty. Again, these are battery-powered so be sure to stock up.

6. Stethoscope

Here’s another basic piece of medical hardware that should be in the kit of any prepper with medical knowledge. You have to be trained in how to use it, what to listen for, and what sounds aren’t good. But if you know all of that, having a stethoscope is superior to not having one.

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