Are Illegal Immigrants Treated Better Than US Citizens?

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Most people understand that if you drive a car without a license, you’re going to get arrested. And while many of us may disagree with that infringement on the right to travel, the necessity of a driver’s license has been so ingrained in us that many of us don’t even think twice about the need for one. That’s why hearing about special classes of people that don’t get arrested for driving without a license is so infuriating.

The city of Cambridge, MA, home to MIT and Harvard, has recently ordered its police not to arrest any illegal aliens found operating a motor vehicle without a license. If that isn’t carte blanche for illegal immigrants to do whatever they want on the highways, I don’t know what is.

The city’s supposed rationale for that decision is that immigrants arrested for driving without a license are at risk of deportation, and the city wants to avoid having those scofflaws sent back to their home countries. The ordinance also forbids officers from asking questions about a driver’s immigration status, and restricts their ability to share information with federal immigration authorities.

It makes you wonder what other offenses the town of Cambridge is willing to tolerate from illegal immigrants in the future. How about vandalism, shoplifting, or theft? Or maybe public intoxication, DUI, or simple assault? After all, you wouldn’t want the poor oppressed illegal immigrants to have to suffer the consequences of their criminal actions, now would you?

Add to this the number of states pursuing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, giving them financial benefits that they don’t give to US citizens from other states, and it has many people wondering what advantages citizenship offers anymore. Heck, some areas are even making a push to allow illegal immigrants to vote. And who knows, maybe someday soon they’ll even be allowed to buy guns, without background checks. All to defend themselves against the oppressive and racist police who want to send them back to their own country, of course.

Thankfully not everyone in this country is so foolhardy, which explains why President Trump has garnered such support from American voters. Every step that some liberal enclave makes to put illegal immigrants on a pedestal results in more and more voters growing disenchanted with the Democratic Party and deciding that enough is enough, and that US citizens shouldn’t be treated as second-class citizens in their own country.

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