Biden Leads in the Polls: Can You Trust Those Numbers?

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It seems as though every day brings more and more news that Joe Biden is widening his lead over President Trump. Poll after poll proclaims the eventuality of a Biden victory, with some even claiming Biden is ahead by up to 14 percentage points. But are these polls indicative of reality, or are they more wishful thinking and narrative distortion by the notoriously fake news media?

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll is an example of that, with the poll claiming that Biden has jumped ahead to a 14-point lead. There’s just one problem. Of those polled, 45% were Democrat or leaning Democrat, 36% were Republican, and 13% were independent. That means that 25% more Democrats were polled than Republicans. And we’re supposed to be amazed that Biden is ahead in a poll that skewed?

In fact, the previous month the same poll asked the same question of nearly 30% more Democrats than Republicans, but also asked more independents than either Democrats or Republicans. Not surprisingly, Biden led in that poll too. And the fact that Biden’s support jumped in the more recent poll seems to indicate that Trump has more support from independents than the establishment would like to publicize.

In fact, when polls look at a more representative makeup of potential voters, Trump is normally tied or just barely in the lead. So what is the mainstream media trying to do by publicizing its polls, and what will the effects be?

The media could be trying to demoralize Trump voters by pushing the narrative that there’s no way Trump can win. They’re trying to claim that Biden’s lead is insurmountable, so Trump supporters should just give up. But that might backfire.

This election could decide the future of our republic, and whether conservatives or anyone with a non-leftist world view will be allowed to exist. If anything, news of Trump’s fall in the polls should motivate more conservatives to go out and vote for him. And it could actually demotivate Democrats, particularly those who don’t particularly care for Biden, and keep them from voting, since they think his victory is all but certain. Now is not the time to lose faith, it’s the time to move forward with more strength and certainty in order that this country won’t go the way that so many others have throughout history.

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