Do Climate Alarmists Really Think Their Extremist Shenanigans Will Help Their Cause?

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Among those who believe that human beings have caused recent climate change, there is a small but vocal contingent who believe that there are only 10-15 years before the earth as we know it will cease to exist. Their Chicken Little screeching is properly ignored by those of us who are sane, but that just means that they have escalated their actions so that we can’t ignore them any longer.

The activists from Extinction Rebellion have become the most infamous of them, with their constant attempts to ruin the daily lives of ordinary people. On both sides of the Atlantic, Extinction Rebellion has taken to disrupting rush hour traffic and engaging in traffic-snarling protests to bring attention to their cause.

Recent examples of their actions include supergluing themselves to a boat in the middle of Times Square, supergluing themselves to roadways, and climbing on top of an airplane at Heathrow Airport. There’s even video of enraged commuters pulling down and beating climate activists who had climbed on top of a London Underground train.

As much as we may hate Saul Alinsky’s politics, there’s one thing he was right on: scaring normal people is counterproductive to your aims. He urged radicals to shed their hippy attire and put on suits and ties, working within the system to achieve their goals.

Stunts like the ones pulled by Extinction Rebellion do only one thing, they assuage the consciences of climate alarmists and make them feel like they’re “doing something.” They’re an exercise in selfishness and ego, and there are enough selfish egoists in the climate alarmist camp that groups like Extinction Rebellion will never be short of members.

But to ordinary people going about their lives, trying to get to work, trying to make ends meet, these selfish stunts rub them the wrong way. They’re at best a minor annoyance and at worst a threat to one’s livelihood, particularly to those whose continued employment depends upon being on time to work. Rest assured, if these climate alarmists continue their stupid stunts, they’ll turn more people against them than all the reason and logic in the world.

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