Do You Know Which Survival Foods You Really Need?

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When it comes to prepping and survival, guns and food probably come at the top of the list, not necessarily in that order. In a really desperate scenario, most people would probably prefer to have plenty of food rather than lots of guns. But just like many gun owners don’t really prep and plan for a survival scenario, many would-be preppers don’t go into their food storage and prepping with any sort of plan either.

Certainly having a store of food is better than having no food at all. But prepping with a plan can increase your chances of survival significantly, and make it far more likely that you’ll make it through a disaster or survival scenario without significant hardship.

There are many types of food to store, such as emergency rations in your car or bug out bag; freeze-dried food for when you might lose power; and long-term stores for a grid-down societal collapse. What types of food you store and how you store them can mean the difference between confronting a survival scenario and having plenty of food to eat or facing such a scenario with a pile of moldy, rotten trash.

Survivopedia has a really useful article about the types of survival foods you really need. They include general recommendations for survival food, tips on how to think about food storage, and discussion of different types of emergency foods, how to store them, and how they can benefit you.

If you don’t already have a survival food strategy in place, that article can help you understand what you need to know about survival food and get you asking the questions you need to in order to maximize the effectiveness of your survival food stores. And if you do already have survival food in place, it can help you double check that your strategy is sound, and possibly give you some new ideas to make sure that your survival food strategy will benefit you when you need it most.

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