Does New Evidence Show China Created COVID?

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The debate surrounding the origins of COVID-19 continues. And now new evidence is coming to light that could indicate that China may have been behind the creation of COVID. Even worse, US health authorities may have been in cahoots with the Chinese to cover up the evidence.

Recently a US scientist going back over the early cases of COVID was able to partially reconstruct the viral sequences of 13 early COVID cases, data which he says indicates that COVID was already circulating in Wuhan before it reached the infamous wet market which was blamed for spreading the virus. Curiously, those early viral sequences had been deleted by US authorities, apparently at the behest of Chinese health researchers.

Because of that deletion, the new research indicates that COVID researchers may have been working with incomplete information this entire time, perhaps leading them to dismiss the lab leak theory due to not having all the data. Thankfully, the researcher, Jesse Bloom, was able to recover the deleted data from a Google cloud, so researchers now have more information to go on.

The revelation that such critical early information was deleted at the request of Chinese researchers makes one wonder just what other information may have been deleted. And the fact that the Chinese tried to suppress such early data on COVID leads to obvious questions about China’s intentions in covering up the origins of COVID.

What should be absolutely clear is that there still is much to be discovered about COVID’s early origins. The only thing we know for certain is that we still don’t know a lot about where COVID came from, how it started spreading, and whether or not it is a natural or man-made virus. China is doing everything it can to further obscure the origins of COVID, and the further we get from the onset of COVID, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint with any accuracy the true origins of the virus. Rather than cooperating with the Chinese, US and world authorities should press the Chinese for even more information to get to the bottom of how COVID really started.

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