Establishment Seeking to Censor Search for Truth About Coronavirus

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Everywhere you look today, the Establishment is keen to end any debate about coronavirus, its origins, its characteristics, and its treatments. Question the narrative that the media and government is pushing and you’ll find yourself censored, deplatformed from social media, or even fired. The Establishment has one goal in mind, to control you and everyone else, and it won’t brook any opposition.

Look at mask laws, for instance. In the US, you’ll hear a great deal about how masks have been proven to stop the spread of disease. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that the “proof” is pretty flimsy. Anyone who honestly thinks that the Average Joe will help stop the spread of coronavirus by wearing a mask is insane.

Just think of all the people out there who are wearing masks. How many of them sneezed on their arms just before donning a mask? How many picked their noses just before entering a store while masked? How many showered just before going out in public? How many don’t wash or sanitize their hands but once a day? Yet we’re expected to believe that being forced to wear masks is somehow going to miraculously stop the spread of this disease. The “proof” we’re given is a handful of studies that follow healthcare professionals in controlled clinical settings, yet we’re told that these results can be extrapolated to the general population. Yeah, right.

Then you have Establishment hacks like Bill Gates who are finally starting to let their masks slip. A recent video featuring front-line doctors speaking about coronavirus and their experiences treating it went viral on social media, before the Establishment and its Big Tech allies completely disappeared it. Bill Gates characterized the fact that this video was even allowed to be posted as a flaw in social media, as though social media companies should be gatekeepers for what is allowed to be published.

The reason the video went viral is precisely because people are tired of being fed the Establishment narrative. They know that what they’re hearing from Fauci, governors, health authorities, and friends of Jeffrey Epstein is a pack of lies. They realize that the “increasing number of cases” of COVID isn’t leading to more deaths, and that it’s most likely just the result of increased testing. They see countries like the Netherlands and the Nordic countries refusing to mandate mask wearing because it isn’t proven effective, and those countries are doing just fine. And they realize that the Establishment’s desire to suppress any alternative information about COVID is a desperate attempt to retain control of the narrative. That’s why people rush to view those types of videos.

Gates further took issue with Elon Musk’s comments about coronavirus, stating that “I hope that he doesn’t confuse areas he’s not involved in too much.” As though the hundreds of millions of dollars Gates has spent on vaccine efforts somehow makes him a vaccine expert? The hubris of the Establishment has never been on display to a greater degree than it has during the COVID crisis. We’re expected to believe everything we hear from Establishment figures, no matter that it contradicts everything they may have told us just days ago. Anyone who dares point out that the emperor has no clothes is banished to the hinterlands and erased from memory.

This could well be the battle that determines the future of American society. Will Americans stand up for their rights against an overreaching government that uses “public health” as an excuse to trample on everything we hold dear? Or will we acquiesce in the face of government power and submit ourselves to being dominated forever?

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