Facebook’s Ban on Proud Boys Shows Continued Left-Wing Tilt of Social Media Behemoths

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Facebook has continued to show its stripes as an enforcer of left-wing orthodoxy through its recent action to ban the Proud Boys and Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes from the website. That follows previous actions Facebook took to ban Alex Jones back in August, and its purge of the pages of alternative news outlets in early October. In undertaking these actions, many in coordination with government-funded organizations such as the Atlantic Council, Facebook is showing its true colors as a company that will stick solidly to the mainstream and ruthlessly crack down on anyone attempting to question dominant narratives.

According to Facebook, the Proud Boys were banned because they are a “hate group.” What Facebook ignores is the fact that the Proud Boys weren’t created out of thin air, they were specifically created as a reaction to Antifa and its violent and obstructionist antics. Every time a conservative speaker comes to a college campus or a conservative group tries to hold a rally, rest assured that Antifa will be there to stir up trouble. For a long time Antifa relied on the fact that it was organized and its opponents weren’t to engage in widespread intimidation and violence against its enemies.

The Proud Boys were established to counter that threat from Antifa. Without Antifa there would be no Proud Boys. So surely Facebook decided to ban Antifa, its pages, and its founders from the platform too, right? Not surprisingly, the leftists who run Facebook decided to continue their blatant double standard, allowing Antifa free rein to spread its message and recruit members, while shutting down the Proud Boys.

It has become increasingly clear that large tech and social media companies have become enablers and water carriers for the left-wing establishment. They lured their users by promising free and open platforms, but what they’ve really engaged in is a giant bait-and-switch. It’s well past time for conservatives to get wise to what is going on and start creating and frequenting viable alternatives to Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al.

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