How to Never Run Out of Things to Say

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We’ve all been there before, in the middle of some kind of conversation or social interaction, and then our mind goes blank, we’re unable to think of something to say, and we start to panic. For many, running out of things to say is a big fear they have leading up to and during social interactions. Here’s why you should laugh at the notion of “running out of things to say” and why you should never feel stifled again.

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The reason why we run out of things to say is because we filter our speech out of fear of judgment and negative reactions. We think excessively about whether or not what we’re thinking about saying will be taken well or not. That fear, which causes us to over-analyze ourselves, ultimately leads us to censoring ourselves, which is why we run out of things to say. We essentially run out of “nice” or “acceptable” things to say or ask.

If you stop whatever you’re doing and you go into your mind just for a couple minutes and breathe, you will realize that your brain will create an endless amount of thoughts. You literally have an infinite number of thoughts that pass through your awareness, all of which you could use in conversation.

The reason why you and everyone else doesn’t is because we are afraid that we’ll be seen as weird or stupid. We fear being judged and socially ostracized. If we were to speak completely mentally unfiltered, we’d have a ton to say.

Here’s what you need to understand. You must live for YOUR happiness, your enjoyment, and your fulfillment. Other people’s needs and happiness can be a function of your happiness, but ultimately it comes back to your own happiness that you must live for. EVERYTHING that you have to say or express has value, for the mere fact that it came from you. You must express yourself for your own enjoyment, not to please others or seek their approval. It doesn’t matter what you say, ONLY how you say it.

There really is no such thing as “saying the right thing” or having “the perfect pickup line.” What there is, is the energetic flow and vibe that you carry with you. If you show up as positive, outgoing, and free flowing in your expression, it does not matter one bit what comes out of your mouth, people will enjoy your presence, appreciate your authenticity, and will be attracted to your self-love.

That is really it. When you come from a frame of self-love and living for your own amusement, then you will never run out of things to say, because you will not be stifling yourself out of fear of judgment. Stop filtering your speech in order to conform for approval and instead start living for yourself and expressing your most authentic thoughts and feelings.

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