Is the Government Reading Your Text Messages?

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While Edward Snowden’s disclosures revealed to most Americans the extent to which we’re being spied on, most of us still labor on thinking that our activities aren’t being monitored in real time. Sure, our emails and phone calls may be hoovered up into massive databases and searched with algorithms, but that takes place after the fact. However, recent developments may enable the government to monitor our communications as they occur.

Groups allied with President Biden, including the Democratic National Committee, hope to engage fact-checkers to work with SMS carriers to “dispel misinformation” about COVID vaccines. In other words, Democrats are hoping to read your text messages as you send them and attach some sort of pro-COVID vaccine message to anyone writing about the vaccines.

That’s a very disturbing and worrying proposal, one which we would hope telecom companies would reject out of hand. But you can never be too sure today, with corporations going woke and COVID being used as an excuse to justify any number of overbearing and tyrannical actions.

We’ve all seen the notices on social media about COVID vaccines. Every mention of the word COVID or vaccine in a social media post results in the nannying ninnies at social media firms attaching a notice about where to receive the vaccine, or commenting about how certain claims about the COVID vaccines are false, that the vaccine is completely safe, etc.

Just imagine sending or receiving a text message that you think is private, only to receive another one tacked to it declaring that what you just wrote or read is false. It would blow apart the idea that our personal communications are private and one-on-one. It’s very much akin to how Communist countries operated, having a political commissar from the Communist Party overseeing everything to ensure that nothing counter to the Party’s will was spoken. Only this time the Party commissars are reading everything you write and read, and respond immediately.

Let’s hope that these plans never make it to fruition. It’s bad enough to deal with this dictatorial censorship on social media, but to subject all of our communications to it would be absolutely unbearable, not to mention a disturbing violation of our rights. The fact that such a proposal is even being suggested shows just how far down the road towards totalitarianism our country has fallen. We need to fight these proposals tooth and nail and defend our right to speak and think freely.

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