Leftist Hypocrisy on Political Rallies Growing More Obvious

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Aside from the astounding violence that occurred during last year’s Antifa and BLM riots, one of the most curious things about them was how mayors and city council members in major cities seemed never to take the threat of violence seriously or to chide the rioters and protesters about the need to follow COVID regulations regarding face masks and social distancing. But when Trump supporters decide to rally, their tune changes.

Witness DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s recent actions to counter the pro-Trump rally that will take place on January 6. Bowser has banned the carrying of firearms within 1,000 feet of the rally, ostensibly fearing that Trump supporters may try to bring guns to the rally. The idea that Trump supporters, who are law-abiding American citizens, would break the law is laughable. It would be far more likely that Antifa and its cronies would break the law in that respect, given their history, yet Bowser didn’t seem to think that Antifa was a threat.

DC police also arrested Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio on charges of destruction of property stemming from his allegedly burning a BLM flag during the last pro-Trump rally in DC. Police apparently found out when his flight was arriving at National Airport in Arlington, VA, then tracked him as he left the airport and traveled into DC, arresting him once he entered the city. And since Tarrio was also in possession of two “high capacity” firearms magazines, he is now facing felony charges as well.

Did you hear about DC police treating Antifa leaders the same way? Of course not. Because the leftists who control DC don’t care if Antifa wreaks havoc, tears down statues, or terrorizes citizens. They’re fellow travelers, and they feel they can control them, or in some cases the DC government or federal government probably employs some of these Antifa agitators.

We’ll see tomorrow how the DC police respond to the pro-Trump rallyers, and how the press characterizes it. Most likely you’ll see a redux of the last time around, with Trump supporters being portrayed as dangerous right-wing radicals bent on violence, and Antifa instigators painted as innocent victims of these dangerous fascist brutes. With our “leaders” willing to treat citizens in such a disparate manner, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the US is moving closer and closer to an inexorable split.

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