Liberal White Women Will Be the Death of This Country

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It has often been said that you can judge a civilization by the quality of its women. That’s normally because women inspire men. Women who are noble and virtuous inspire the men in their lives to better themselves. But women who are base and degenerate bring down the men in their lives. Bring down the women in a society and you destroy the society itself.

This has been true throughout history, which is why you’ll read accounts over the millennia of good women inspiring men and bad women destroying them. Look at the Bible, where Samson, David, and Solomon all were brought down by bad women. Or look at the Book of Proverbs, with its numerous quotes about women:

A diligent woman is a crown to her husband: and she that doeth things worthy of confusion, is as rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4)


Who shall find a valiant woman? Far, and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her. The heart of her husband trusteth in her, and he shall have no need of spoils. She will render him good, and not evil all the days of her life. (Proverbs 31:10-12)

And now our own society is reaping the rewards of generations of women who have been debased so far that they don’t even realize how far they have sunk. Generations of promiscuity, contraception, and abortion have resulted in millions of liberal American women who will end up destroying this country.

If you look at any of the Black Lives Matters protests sweeping the country, one thing you’ll notice is that many of them are devoid of black people. Even in urban areas, the majority of the participants are white, and especially white women. These women envision themselves as following in the footsteps of the suffragettes, but in reality they have none of the good qualities of the suffragettes and all of the bad. Calling them harpies or Karens is almost too kind.

These liberal white women don’t think over their actions, they react purely with emotion. Their principles are mostly non-existent, except for thinking that “white privilege” needs to be abolished, that the patriarchy is oppressive, that white people need to atone for systemic racism, etc. They’re not willing to listen to reason or to debate logically. Unless you submit to them completely, you will feel their wrath. And men who are married to these women, rather than standing up to them, get worn down and eventually adopt many of their views.

One might be tempted to ignore the threat from these women, except that it might end in your death. In many of the recent protests, the instigators of physical violence were female members of Antifa. White women were among those instigating acts of looting and smashing windows. A white woman was caught on camera burning the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a policeman. And in fact, the Rayshard Brooks incident encapsulates perhaps better than any other how liberal white women are the root of all that is going wrong in this country right now.

Brooks was drunk and passed out in his car in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta. Someone called the police, and responding officers talked to Brooks, eventually administering a breathalyzer. Brooks blew 0.108, above the legal limit of 0.08, and officers moved to arrest him. He resisted, and in the ensuing struggle he was shot twice and killed by police.

There was no reason for Brooks to be shot because there was no reason for him to be arrested. He wasn’t harming anyone, just clogging the drive-thru lane. Had police left him in his car to sober up, called for a taxi, or given him water and some time to rest, he would still be alive today. But for decades white liberal women have been on the warpath demanding that drunk driving be treated as a serious crime regardless of what the drunk driver has done. Merely having alcohol in your system is enough to warrant arrest, imprisonment, fines, loss of license, impoundment of your car, etc. And it was white liberal women who made this possible, with groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving at the forefront.

Their mindset is that we citizens are nothing more than children, and Big Momma government needs to dictate every facet of our lives. It’s the same mindset that led to Prohibition, the same mindset that taxes sodas and bans plastic straws, the same mindset that demands we give up our guns. The government will provide for us like a mother, and if we dare say no then our mother will get very angry and punish us.

The history of US society and US laws in the 20th century is a result of that mothering attitude, inspiring the Progressive movement and gaining momentum once women gained the right to vote. Is our society too far gone now to resist the pressure from white liberal women to completely restructure our society to fix its ills, real or imagined? Or will enough people get fed up with the armies of Karens running rampant nowadays and set the pendulum swinging in the other direction?

One thing is for certain – if people don’t recognize the problem, identify those responsible for creating it, and forcefully oppose them, our rights will disappear before we know it. It’s time for conservatives to get “woke” to what’s going on around them and start opposing the loony liberal white women who are bringing down our nation.

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