Minneapolis Police Warn Residents to Prepare for Robbery and Obey Criminals

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In the aftermath of violent protests in Minneapolis, the city’s council voted to defund the city’s police department. While the department presumably still functions at least in the short term, that hasn’t stopped a surge in crime from taking place in the city. Robberies and carjackings have increased significantly year-on-year, and the city is taking some extraordinary steps to make sure that its citizens remain safe.

If you thought that those steps meant providing more patrols, prosecuting criminals, or empowering residents to protect themselves, however, you would be sorely mistaken. Instead, the city has warned residents that robberies and carjackings have increased, including many at gunpoint. Rather than pledge to protect the citizens, a notice mailed to residents states: “Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet” and “Do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say.”

Thankfully not all Minneapolis citizens are the type to do as their betters say, with residents in some areas having already formed militias to protect themselves. But this is yet another indication that local governments, particularly those in Democratic-controlled areas, aren’t concerned with preventing crime or protecting residents.

If you’re a taxpayer in one of those areas, you’re likely rethinking your life decisions right about now. Perhaps you’re worried about becoming a victim of crime, or being charged with a crime should you have to defend yourself against gun-toting criminals. It’s a sad indictment of American society today that violent criminals are being treated with kid gloves while their victims have the book thrown at them. But George Soros and the district attorneys he bought can’t bring about a Marxist revolution in this country if taxpayers are allowed to exercise their rights and defend themselves.

Despite this coddling attitude toward criminals, this country isn’t too far gone yet, and there’s plenty still left to fight for. It won’t be easy, and some leftist-controlled cities may not be worth the effort, but if we don’t stand up and fight now, the leftists and their criminal allies will win.

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