More Curiosities in the Jeff Epstein Case

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“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” has become a popular meme in society today, and not just on the internet. Despite the number of leftists who try to claim that only conspiracy theorists would believe that Jeff Epstein was murdered, the facts just don’t lead anyone to any other conclusion.

In the most recent coincidence, it has come to light that video surveillance of Epstein’s first suicide attempt went missing. His cellmate at the time, who is facing four murder charges, alleges that he helped resuscitate Epstein, and his lawyers demanded the video footage of the suicide attempt and aftermath. Yet the footage went missing until it was miraculously found. Want to take bets as to what it actually shows?

We’re supposed to believe that a man who hobnobbed with former Presidents, Israeli politicians, and European royalty, and whose Rolodex included a who’s who of the most important people in the world, committed suicide in his cell. We’re supposed to believe that putting a man who had dirt on the most powerful people in the world into a cell with a murderer was standard procedure. We’re supposed to believe that video footage of such a vitally important inmate somehow got misplaced. We’re supposed to believe that taking Epstein off suicide watch after an initial alleged suicide attempt is kosher. And we’re supposed to believe that it’s just ineptitude that caused guards not to pay attention to Epstein at the time he allegedly killed himself.

The confluence of coincidental factors is just too great to believe that this was a simple case of a man who killed himself as a result of government incompetence. Why would a man who already beat the rap once kill himself? What will we find out next, that all the video footage from Epstein’s mansions doesn’t exist? That his little black book of contacts has gone missing?

All the evidence points to a man who was involved in a large-scale blackmail operation, possibly at the behest of a foreign power. His most recent arrest made him a liability, and therefore expendable. And the likelihood that we’ll ever find out the truth about who Epstein had the goods on and how crooked those people are will likely be covered up forever.

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