New York City Bans Hot Dogs to Save the Planet

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By now most people have heard of the so-called Green New Deal. And most economically literate people have taken a look at the plan and realized that the measures it calls for are nonsensical and economically destructive. But that won’t stop leftists around the country from trying to implement it. Already New York City has adopted its own version of the Green New Deal, which will cost the city a cool $14 billion.

A key component of the Green New Deal is combating climate change. New York City plans to do that by banning hot dogs from city-owned facilities. The mayor claims that because livestock produce so many greenhouse gases, reducing the city’s purchases of beef and processed meats will go a long way towards combating climate change.

The city’s Green New Deal will also prohibit the city government from purchasing single-use plastics, including straws, cutlery, plates, and cups. The plan is to eventually expand that ban on single-use plastics to private businesses as well. And Mayor De Blasio has also criticized the building of glass and steel skyscrapers, calling them “incredibly inefficient.”

Of course, anyone with half a brain realizes that this kind of virtue signaling on the part of the New York City government won’t actually do anything to help the environment. And as is typical of most posturing leftists, Mayor De Blasio can’t be bothered to actually practice what he preaches.

De Blasio has for years been shuttled by a government motorcade to his favorite gym 12 miles away, a YMCA in Brooklyn, when he has other gym options only blocks away from the mansion in which he lives. Like other environmentalist hypocrites before him, he has attempted to rationalize his “environmentalism for thee but not for me” behavior. Want to take bets as to how often Mayor De Blasio, who will be banning meat from public school lunches on Mondays, enjoys chowing down on the juicy steaks he likes to demonize others for consuming?

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