Now Is the Time to Live With Urgency

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If you look around American society you’ll see that people are drowning in distraction. Hardly anyone is 100% focused and fully committed to living their purpose. Hardly anyone is thinking about the bigger long-term picture. Hardly anyone is preparing for their future by taking important action right now. The current state of the world and the economy is not one in which it is safe for us to relax into leisure and distraction, quite the opposite. It’s time to wake up and get a kick in your step.

I believe over the next 10, 20, and 30 years we are going to see unprecedented global, political, and economic changes. Wars are going to be fought, economic depressions are going to hit hard, governments are going to collapse, and rapid economic and societal changes are going to take place.

Wars are already being fought, America has been in a state of perpetual war for decades now. War is paid for through money printing and national debt. Geopolitical tension continues to increase with terrorism, Middle East skirmishes, and economic nationalism gaining ground around the world. Economic recessions happen on average every five years and our current bull market has lasted for nine years now.

Government debt hits new all-time highs every day and currently almost all of the taxes we pay to the federal government go to paying just the interest on the national debt. Considering interest rates are still near all-time lows, we aren’t far off from when the government and American society are unable to service their debts.

This isn’t to scare you, but to kick you in the rear a little bit. Uncertain and difficult times are ahead, times with tons of opportunities to take if you are prepared to take them.

While I endorse working hard and partying hard, right now is not the time to be partying and living it up excessively, nor is it the time to be lazy, apathetic, and lackadaisical. Right now is the time to be doubling down on yourself and gaining as many advantages as you can in the global market. This means becoming knowledgeable and valuable, learning real skills, knowing how to offer real value to people, and working your hardest to get ahead.

Now is the time to be diving into yourself, developing yourself, and building a long-term vision for yourself. If you are not taking daily actions towards fulfilling your purpose then you are not living fully nor are you living aligned to what is truly important to you. Your future and your success are depending on you right now to make the correct choices for yourself. Don’t take each day lightly, each day is an opportunity to get ahead and to learn and grow. Make the most of each day, since you will never get them back.

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