President Trump Impeached: What For, and What Next?

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In a move that wasn’t exactly earth-shaking, the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday night to impeach President Trump, making him only the third sitting President in history to be impeached. The impeachment has been a long time coming, with calls for impeachment having come even before Trump took office. That should give you an idea of how objective the impeachment process was.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has now announced that she’s going to delay sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, in a push to acquire more evidence for the Senate trial. Hmm, shouldn’t that have been though of beforehand? If there isn’t enough evidence to continue with a trial, the House never should have considered impeachment in the first place, nor should it have voted on impeachment.

The articles of impeachment claim that Trump has committed abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The abuse of power is laughable, as it all stems from the President’s telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine, in which Democrats allege the President offered a quid pro quo, holding up US aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine investigated corruption in the country involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The irony of the charges is stunning, given how Democrats have consistently stated that a sitting President should not be above the law. Yet somehow they believe that a former Vice President should be above the law, as they seek to turn a blind eye to Biden’s corrupt activities.

Comparing Trump to his predecessors demonstrates the weakness of the current case for impeachment too. Had Trump launched airstrikes against Ukraine and supported Ukrainian rebels who killed the Ukrainian President, he wouldn’t have faced impeachment, as that’s what President Obama did in Libya in 2011. Had Trump launched a full invasion of Ukraine and taken over Kiev, he wouldn’t have faced impeachment, as that’s what President Bush did in Iraq in 2003.

But starting unnecessary wars apparently is perfectly okay, whereas talking to people is impeachable. We’ll be sure to remember that when we get our next Democrat President. But with such a weak case against Trump, it’ll probably be a while before we get another Democrat in the White House, as popular dissatisfaction with the impeachment will likely result in President Trump winning another term.

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