Rep. Guy Reschenthaler to Newsmax TV: Time for Dems to ‘Stand With Police’

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Democrats have emboldened violent rioters and criminals with their disinterest to call out the violence for political purposes, according to Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., on Newsmax TV.

“First off, call out this violence and stand with the police,” Reschenthaler told Thursday’s “Stinchfield.” “You’ll notice that everybody from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, to our super-liberal Gov. [Tom] Wolf have refused to condemn the violence.

“And they may make these blanket statements, but they don’t call out antifa, they don’t call out the violent anarchists. So it’s time that they articulate that they stand for law and order and they stand with the police — not the chaos that’s ensuing.”

The current unrest after police officers shot a knife-wielding Black man to death in Pennsylvania is just a continuation of Democrats’ refusal to support police because President Donald Trump has made it a point to for decades, Reschenthaler told host Grant Stinchfield.

“Grant, this isn’t shocking that we’re having these flareups, these violent protests, because all summer long the Democrats have, in essence, declared war on the police,” he said.

“They have a knee-jerk reaction to never support the police position.”

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