Trump Administration to Push for Decriminalization of Homosexuality Abroad

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Taking a position that could have been pushed by President Obama, President Hillary Clinton, or President Bernie Sanders, President Trump’s State Department is readying an international effort to decriminalize homosexuality in those countries in which homosexual activity is still punishable by law. Spearheaded by openly homosexual US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who believes that people are born homosexual, this new effort continues to confirm the US State Department in its role as the international vanguard of the LGBTQ movement. European LGBTQ activists were even flown to Berlin to help develop a strategy to force other countries to adopt the LGBTQ movement’s goals.

Targets of the new effort will include countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean. One particular target will be Iran, which continues to publicly execute those accused of engaging in homosexual activity.

Trump’s move, while undoubtedly pleasing hardcore LGBTQ activists who are intent on removing obstacles to homosexual activity around the world, will nonetheless not win him support from most American liberals and leftists who will likely view this just as a transparent attempt to win over centrist or Democratic voters who may be undecided about which way they intend to vote in 2020. Nor will many who voted for Trump in 2016 be happy with this effort, especially social conservatives who hoped that Trump would be a bulwark against the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual forces attempting to force Americans to submit to the views of leftist cultural relativists.

The fact that Trump is supporting such an effort is yet another disappointing sign that his administration is going off the rails. After pushing through tax cuts in his first year in office, Trump hasn’t done much to please his base since then. From banning bump stocks, to failing to make progress on a border wall, to pushing the homosexual agenda abroad, there isn’t much that anyone in the grand coalition that supported Trump can really be thankful for over the past year.

It appears that the swamp has finally overcome Trump, with most of the anti-establishment conservatives who staffed his administration having been long since forced out by establishment Republicans and neoconservatives. That means that the next two years will likely bring even more policy proposals that will have principled conservatives shaking their heads and wondering if this country will ever have a conservative President again.

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