US Government Secretly Expelled Chinese “Diplomats” After They Broke Onto US Naval Base

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The US government has finally publicized that it expelled two Chinese diplomats who attempted to break onto the US naval base in Norfolk, Virginia. The two diplomats, at least one of whom was assumed to be an intelligence officer working under diplomatic cover, claimed not to understand guards’ instructions to turn around, leading guards on a chase until their path was finally blocked by fire engines.

RedTea News had previously reported on the US crackdown on Chinese diplomats, but at the time it was assumed that the crackdown was in relation to events in Hong Kong, not in the US. This expulsion, the first time in over 30 years that the US has expelled Chinese diplomats, demonstrates that the US is getting serious about combating Chinese espionage.

But it also highlights severe shortcomings with US military base security. In the aftermath of the shooting in Pensacola, the shooting in Pearl Harbor, and now the revelation that Chinese intelligence officers are targeting US bases, the US military needs to take much better care of its base security to prevent any more damage of any type from taking place.

To read more about the attempted Chinese infiltration at Norfolk, click here…

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