Want to Defend Yourself Against Mobs? Expect to Be Prosecuted

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It’s every person’s worst nightmare. You’re home with your family, enjoying a nice dinner, when all of a sudden you near noises outside. You go to take a look, and an angry mob is outside your house, threatening to kill you and your loved ones. What do you do?

If you’re a normal American, you grab a gun and confront the malefactors, letting them know in no uncertain terms that if they attempt to harm you and your family, they’re going to have to do it over your dead body. And thank God that He invented 30-round magazines, because those are a great help when confronting a large crowd of people intent on doing you harm.

Just that scenario unfolded in St. Louis in late June, when Black Lives Matter protesters broke through a gate in a private community and threatened attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The protesters had been marching to the home of the St. Louis mayor, but decided additionally to harass private citizens.

The McCloskeys had been enjoying a dinner outside their house when they heard the commotion and faced the mob. The images of that confrontation have gone viral, with the barefoot, pink polo and khakis-clad Mr. McCloskey holding an AR-15, while his wife pointed a pistol at protesters.

According to the McCloskeys, protesters threatened to kill him, kill his dog, and burn down his house. The house, which the McCloskey’s have spent over 30 years renovating and restoring, is one of the jewels of St. Louis’ architectural past, a house which no one ever thought restorable due to the high costs involved, and its loss would be not only a crime but also a major cultural loss.

To any sane person, the act of defending yourself and your home by taking up arms to ward off a threatening mob would be completely uncontroversial. But America’s political leaders today, especially those in big cities, very often aren’t sane. And so last week the McCloskeys found themselves the victims of a search warrant that sought to seize the guns they used to defend themselves. Thus innocent homeowners are begin punished for exercising a basic human right, the right to self defense.

The McCloskey’s have enough money that they’ve been able to hire private security, but what would happen if this incident occurred to your average Joe Blow? If you don’t have the money to fight this overreach, or the money to afford more than one gun, you might find yourself defenseless, a decision that would empower the mob to come back and get you.

There are several lessons to learn from this incident. First, if you use a gun in self defense for any reason, expect to be prosecuted, or at the very least investigated. Neither police nor prosecutors like the fact that private citizens can protect themselves because it makes their jobs superfluous, so they’ll take every opportunity to punish those with the temerity to defend themselves.

Second, make sure you own multiple guns. You may have a favorite that you really love for home defense, but if it gets seized by police, make sure to have a backup or two so that you’re not defenseless.

Finally, political races for prosecutor (commonwealth’s attorney, city attorney, circuit attorney, attorney general, etc.) may have more of an impact on the livability of an area than races for governor, mayor, city council, etc. That’s why George Soros is making such a concerted effort to support radical leftists in these races. He understands that by installing leftists in these positions, their decision on which “crimes” to prosecute and which crimes not to prosecute can bring about the changes leftists desire without the pesky need to pass new laws. Charge enough people for defending themselves with guns, and you’ll incentivize marginal gun owners to get rid of their guns lest they face charges, thus bringing about gun control without the need for new legislation.

If you’re prepared to defend yourself with deadly force, be aware of all this and be prepared to face the wrath of the state if you ever have to resort to pulling a gun. And be prepared to stand strong in the face of persecution, because in these times in which everything seems turned upside down, standing firm against government overreach is the only way to have a chance of returning your life to normal.

Image: NY Post

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