Want to Feel Decades Younger? Exercise Regularly

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Aging… everyone hates it. From the stiffness in your joints and muscles to the extra effort you have to make to get up a flight of stairs, the effects of getting older can be physically painful. But what if someone told you that there’s a way to feel decades younger even as you age? Thankfully there is a way to do that, as scientists have discovered that even people in their 70s can feel decades younger.

The key to that is regular physical exercise. Researchers compared three different cohorts of people to see how they compared: those in their 70s who exercised regularly, those in their 70s who led sedentary lifestyles, and those in their 20s who exercised regularly. What they found was astonishing.

Those who were in their 70s and who had exercised regularly for years had far better health indicators that those who led sedentary lifestyles. In terms of their aerobic capacity and physical performance they were more equivalent to people in their 40s. While those exercised for purposes of competition had some indicators of better cardiovascular capacity than those who just exercised for leisure, overall heart health and circulatory system condition was roughly the same between the two groups. The results of regular exercise were similar for both men and women, with both sexes seeing the benefits of regular exercise over a lifetime.

This is yet more indication that regular exercise is highly beneficial to overall health. And it doesn’t take a huge amount of exercise or terribly high intensity either to gain those benefits. A mere 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day can do the trick, and it can be as simple as going on a short walk. Just getting up off your sofa and getting out and about can be the difference between being healthy or feeling your age. So do the right thing for your health and start establishing a solid exercise routine today.

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