Was COVID Lab Leak Coverup a Massive Conspiracy?

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While we still don’t know the exact origins of COVID, the idea that it leaked from a lab in Wuhan is one that seems to be more and more probable. Certainly the Chinese government’s attempts to stymie research into COVID’s origins makes it likely that the lab leak is the actual source of COVID. And the Chinese government has numerous allies in the West who are more than willing to carry the Chinese Communist Party’s water.

When the idea of a lab leak first started gaining traction in early 2020, a letter to The Lancet by several prominent scientists and researchers declared that to be a baseless conspiracy theory. That letter effectively shut down any more attempts to dive into the origins of COVID. And anyone who dared advance the lab leak hypothesis was subsequently branded a conspiracy theorist or crackpot by the mainstream press and on social media.

Anyone attempting to share articles supporting the lab leak hypothesis saw their posts deleted or accounts locked. But more recent data supporting the lab leak hypothesis is now showing all of that to have been nothing more than suppression aimed at aiding the Chinese Communist Party.

A recent investigation into the letter published in The Lancet revealed that all but one of the letter’s signatories had ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, either through funding research there or working with researchers there. This is the kind of information that should have come out 18 months ago, at least if we had mainstream media who were interested in actual reporting.

But because the mainstream media was more intent on bashing President Trump or anything associated with him, discrediting the lab leak theory became seen as an act of defying the President, and the left went right along with it. How much different would things have been today if the left had actually cared about COVID and figuring out where it came from, rather than vilifying Trump?

Who can really say, but you would have to imagine that we might at least have had a better idea of what COVID actually is and how best to combat it. Now we’re left grasping for straws, and having to combat multiple variants.

At least it’s better late than never when it comes to this information coming out. Now we just have to hope that it’s not too late to actually still do research into finding COVID’s origins and finding out once and for all whether the Wuhan lab was in fact the original source of COVID.

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