Was Whitmer Kidnapping Plot an FBI Creation?

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The months of COVID-related lockdowns may be blending together in many people’s minds right now, but there are probably still some people out there who remember the alleged plot to arrest and kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Her COVID restrictions were among the most draconian in the entire country, and rankled Michiganders of all stripes.

But the unmasking of the plot and the arrest of its supposed conspirators always struck a funny chord, particularly as it was an FBI operation. The FBI has a history of setting up patsies to take the fall for plots and schemes the Bureau itself has dreamt up. All it has to do is find someone gullible enough to take the bait. And in this case it led to the arrests of six men who allegedly were planning to kidnap Whitmer.

As time has passed, however, we have learned more details of the alleged plot. Apparently there were 12 FBI informants involved in the plot. So if 12 people were FBI informants, and 6 people were arrested, that means ⅔ of the people involved were government snitches. That isn’t evidence of a crime, that’s just evidence that the FBI concocted a scheme, got six suckers to go along with it, and pinned all the blame on them. Hopefully a jury will see through that.

To make the story even better, one of the agents behind the plan has just recently been charged with assault in relation to a domestic incident with his wife. That’s the kind of character issue the defense will love to bring up, and could very well influence a jury against the Bureau.

The revelation of the number of FBI informants strengthens the idea that the January 6 Capitol takeover was also a government-run plot developed to discredit conservatives. And the government’s recent campaign to play up the threat of right-wing domestic extremism is laughable, as it’s highly likely (as most of us have suspected for years) that most right-wing “extremist” organizations are either directly run by FBI informants or so full of informants that they pose absolutely no threat whatsoever. That is, unless the FBI forgets to roll them up in time.

In short, when you hear fear-mongering about domestic extremism, don’t worry about crazy militia guys LARPing in the forest. It’s the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies that are the real domestic extremists you need to worry about.

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