Will Biden Suffer From Ukraine Bombshell?

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Audio recordings of an alleged conversation between former Vice President Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko emerged last week, and it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden. The recordings seem to confirm what Biden himself has publicly stated, that he twisted Ukraine’s arm and got the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor, who was investigating Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, one of whose board members was Biden’s son Hunter. In exchange for firing the top prosecutor, the US freed up a $1 billion loan to the Ukrainian government that had been on hold. Now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for a criminal investigation into possible high treason as a result of the recordings.

The question that faces Americans however, is whether Biden will suffer any blowback from this. President Trump famously stated in 2016 that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and it wouldn’t harm his support. But he never actually killed anyone in that way. The Democrats, by contrast, are set to nominate a candidate who bragged about gaining a quid pro quo from a foreign government, one that just happened to benefit his own son. And many Biden supporters have acknowledged that rape allegations against Biden are probably true. Yet they’re more than happy to support someone they believe is a rapist and vote him into the Oval Office, so deep is their hatred for President Trump.

Obviously hardcore Democrats and Biden supporters won’t be swayed by these new recordings, but might independent and undecided voters decide their votes based on this new information? Well, only if they hear about it. And thus far the US media has done a pretty good job of suppressing it. The media is so intent on pushing its coronavirus narrative and punishing President Trump in November that it won’t publish anything remotely damaging to Biden, at least unless the Democratic establishment decides it wants a different nominee. Unless that happens, voters will have to do their own research to dig into Biden’s long history of corruption.

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