Will McCarthy Punish Republican Traitors on January 6th Commission?

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Not content with repeatedly mischaracterizing the events of January 6th as an insurrection or an act of domestic terrorism, House Democrats are continuing to push the envelope. Now they have decided to start a Select Committee to study the events of January 6th, or so they say. In reality, we all know that the Select Committee is just one big dog and pony show with one pre-ordained conclusion: President Trump is a traitor. It’s amazing that with Trump out of office and silenced on social media, Democrats are still trying to attack him.

House Republicans knew that the Select Committee was a bunch of baloney, but Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided to appoint five Republicans to the panel anyway. But in an unprecedented move, Speaker Pelosi rejected two of McCarthy’s selections. In protest, McCarthy pulled all of his selections and Republicans decided to boycott the Select Committee. Well, all but two Republicans.

Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) both accepted requests from Speaker Pelosi to serve on the Select Committee. In effect, they’re the Republican Quislings on the Committee. Other Republican members are outraged at the betrayal, as they didn’t expect fellow Republican Members to participate in this sham, particularly after Pelosi engaged in her unprecedented act of partisanship in rejecting McCarthy’s selections.

Now the question is whether these two spineless turncoats will get punished by McCarthy. If he doesn’t punish them, there could be enough discontent within the House Republican Conference’s ranks that he could face a challenge for his position. If he does punish them, he runs the possible risk that either Cheney or Kinziger might decide to switch parties.

While slim, it’s still a possibility, and it would cost Republicans two seats in the short term. But as any conservative should agree, punishing these backstabbers would be good riddance to RINOs like Cheney and Kinzinger. And if we’re lucky, their constituents will agree and fail to send them back to Congress next fall.

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