Will the Occupation of Washington, DC Ever End?

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While the breaching of the US Capitol Building on January 6 was a non-event, Democrats continue to try to make political hay out of it. Rather than admit that they screwed up in handling the situation and allowing protesters to break into the building, they continue to claim that the incident was an insurrection or a coup attempt. While anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see through that laughable farce, the reaction of Democrats to the incident is no laughing matter.

Washington, DC has been occupied by thousands of National Guard troops since early January, at first ostensibly to protect the inauguration from disruption. But after threats to the inauguration never materialized, those troops remain in the city. And they might stay there into March, or even later.

While governors such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have already pulled their troops from DC, Democratic governors such as Governor J.B. Pritzker from Illinois continue to send more troops to Washington. With the inauguration over and the presumed “threat” of more unrest over, why is this happening?

There are fears that the National Guard occupation of Washington will become a permanent fixture. The temporary fencing installed for the inauguration may give way to a permanent enclosure around the Capitol. Congressmen are now subject to going through metal detectors when they go onto the House floor. And pretty soon Capitol Hill may become the American version of Red Square.

Not wasting the opportunity presented to them by a crisis, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress are plowing full speed ahead to turn Capitol Hill into a fortress, thus further insulating them from the unwashed masses they’re doing their best to piss off. It’s a lot easier to screw over the American people if they can’t hold you accountable for your actions. And that’s probably the real reason so many National Guard troops remain in DC. Like most “temporary” government actions, it just may become permanent, and our right to petition the government for a redress of grievances will become, like our other rights, one more for the government to ignore.

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