YouTube to Help Biden by Hiding “Dislikes”

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One of the neat features of social media is that viewers of content can give their opinion of content. On YouTube, for instance, viewers can give a video a thumbs up if they like it, or a thumbs down if they don’t like it. But because so many people have been disliking President Biden’s videos, YouTube is going to start hiding the number of dislikes on certain videos.

According to YouTube, the move was made to counter coordinated dislike campaigns and to improve the well-being of creators. In other words, if your feelings were hurt because too many people disliked your video, now you can hide those dislikes from public view. Creators will still be able to see how many people dislike their video, but those figures will be withheld from the general public.

That means YouTube could allow President Biden and leftist content creators to give the illusion that people like what they’re saying. After all, if Biden gets 100,000 likes on a video but 5,000,000 dislikes, it’s pretty obvious that people don’t like what he’s pushing. But if all you and anyone else can see is the 100,000 likes, then it looks like his ideas are popular. That’s how propaganda works in our society today, and we’re at the mercy of Big Tech when it comes to this now.

This isn’t much different than voting under a Middle Eastern dictatorship. You can cast a vote against him, but at the end of the day he’ll be reported as having gained 100% of the votes. That’s the reality of the world we live in today, in which opposition of any type to the left, its agenda, and its political figures is suppressed at every turn. Now that we know that Big Tech and social media is firmly under the control of the left, it’s time to stop playing the game on their battlefield and under their rules and develop authentic social media that allows conservative messages to get out to the public without censorship.

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