Biden’s First Executive Orders Show Leftist Influence on His Agenda

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Joe Biden has been in office for less than three days and already he has issued a slew of executive orders intending to undermine everything that President Trump accomplished. But while his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and certain other executive orders are getting attention, it’s his executive orders related to the culture wars that show the real direction of the Biden administration and his desire to kowtow to the radical left wing of the Democratic Party.

One of the first things Biden did was to issue an executive order allowing “transgender women,” i.e. men who pretend to be women, to compete in women’s athletics. That order will eviscerate the entire concept of women’s sports, as no matter how hard a woman works, there will always be a man who is bigger, faster, or stronger than her, and he can decide at any time that he wants to be a woman and compete against women rather than men.

Not only will that be debilitating to the self-confidence of female athletes, it will also expose them to male athletes whose intentions may or may not be solely to compete against women. But Biden doesn’t care about protecting women, which should be obvious from his behavior and that of his son. Women to Biden are pawns to be manipulated for political purposes, and so he’s taking this left-wing tack to appeal to the women on the left wing of the Democratic Party who are pushing this nonsense.

Biden intends to follow this up with another executive order eliminating the ban on transgender soldiers serving openly in the military, as if the military needed another piece of social engineering to undermine its already diminished combat effectiveness. It’s mind-blowing how anyone could thing that’s a good idea, but Biden is determined to go ahead with it anyway.

At the risk of sounding too crass, women’s sports will now be full of chicks with dicks, while our male soldiers will now become dickless chicks. What is this world coming too? Hopefully American voters will express their disgust with Biden and his policies in the 2022 and 2024 elections, otherwise America as we once knew it will be no longer.

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