Biden Administration Picks Already Causing Concerns

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With the Biden administration now being officially underway, it’s time for the new President to start presenting his personnel picks to the Senate for confirmation. And a number of his picks are already causing concern. But you won’t hear much about that from the mainstream media, which did everything it could to undermine President Trump’s selections but will downplay all the negatives of Biden’s selections.

Among the most concerning of Biden’s picks is Colin Kahl, who previously served as National Security Adviser to the Vice President during the Biden administration. Kahl has been selected to be the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, an important position at the Defense Department. But Kahl currently works at a Stanford University research center that partners with Peking University, which is headed by a former Chinese spy chief and which has been used as a training ground for Chinese spies.

That brings up a number of questions, particularly given Biden’s already questionable relationship with China. The last thing we need is to allow officials potentially compromised by China to staff high level positions within the government, particularly within the Defense Department.

On the healthcare front, Biden has tapped Rachel Levine, currently Pennsylvania’s top health official, to be the Assistant Secretary of Health. Levine is perhaps best known for his overly strict policies to combat COVID, including a mandatory quarantine for those entering the state and who haven’t received a negative COVID test. Levine also is well known for forcing nursing homes in the state to accept COVID patients, potentially worsening the COVID crisis at nursing homes.

But despite Levine’s failed policies, which have been roundly ignored by many in Pennsylvania, he holds perhaps the crucial trump card: he’s a man who pretends to be a woman. Yes, that’s right, Biden is bending over backward to appease the left wing of the Democratic Party by appointing a transgender person to a high level healthcare position. And we’ll probably see a lot more of this as Biden and his team are more interested in appeasing the various factions of the Party and virtue signaling how progressive they are than actually appointing people who are intelligent or competent.

As bad as some of Trump’s picks were, Biden’s are guaranteed to be worse. Hold on tight, because the next four years are going to be an absolutely wild ride.

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