Did the Polls Do Their Job?

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In the aftermath of a Presidential election in which pollsters once again overstated the support for the Democrat against the Republican, there is widespread blame all over media denouncing polls and pollsters. They’re being blamed for “getting it wrong” once again. But what if the purpose of these polls wasn’t to accurately assess the support Biden was to receive? What if the purpose of these polls was to act as a disinformation campaign to discourage Republicans and dissuade them from voting? Would that mean that the polls were actually successful in their actual purpose?

Many pre-election polls suffered from massive sampling bias, with many polls seeing Democrats sampled at 20-30% higher rates than Republicans, and independents in many cases being ignored. While some people tried to point this out, others thought that was irrelevant, since this election was supposed to see a massive “blue wave” that would sweep Trump out of office. But that wave never transpired, and as we’ve seen since, Democrats are set to lose seats in the House of Representatives, likely not make much headway in the Senate, and may be resorting to fraud to take the Presidency.

But if the purpose of the polls was to discourage Republican voters from going to the polls, making them think that a Biden victory was inevitable and that voting for Trump would do no good, then perhaps the polls were effective. While Trump certainly got more votes than he did the last election, he could have done better, particularly in swing states. And with polls showing swing states not in play, every potential Trump voter dissuaded from going to the polls helped Biden in those states.

The fact that pollsters got it “wrong” in two straight elections should serve as a reminder that not everything we read in the media is true. We’re seeing that once again, as the mainstream media tries to claim that clear attempts at fraud are just business as usual. The media wants to push a narrative, regardless of whether or not that narrative is true. And if we fail to look behind that narrative, see the agenda that motivates that narrative, and actively work against that narrative, we have only ourselves to blame when we continue to elect leftist politicians who take this country further and further down the road toward socialism.

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