Getting What You Want Out of Life

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Nothing is permanent. You are going to die. Everyone you know and love is going to die. Everything you’ve ever created or built will ultimately turn into dust. Eventually the sun is going to explode and the entire galaxy we live in will be destroyed.

The way most people live life is as if they’re blind to the fragility of their life. They live as if tomorrow is a given and as if they’ll always have the time to do the things that their heart cries out for. As if there will always be “another chance, another time.”

With these things in mind, it’s curious to ponder: why not live life as if this is your only life? Why leave any stone unturned? Why not attempt to create the life you’ve always wanted? Why settle?

Imagine that you had all of the money in the world. You can afford anything you want. You can travel anywhere you want and at anytime. You are now able to live free from the need to make a living, you can spend your time however you choose. What would you do? How would you live out your life? What is it that would truly fulfill you and make you authentically happy?

Now stop for a second. Imagine that you died today. Imagine that your life ended today and you’ll never get to live for another moment again. You will never see anyone you love again, you will never get to do your favorite things, you would never get to see the light of day ever again.

What things do you wish you had done? What do you regret not doing? Is it telling someone how you feel about them? Is it taking a chance on something important to you? What ways of being and expressing yourself do you wish you could have been able to be and do? What experiences do you wish you hadn’t missed out on?

Really make your death real to you and really dive into how you feel. The answers that come up from doing this will be extremely authentic to you.

It’s important that we wake up and see the truth. You are going to die. Stop living for anything other than for your deepest happiness, fulfillment, dreams, and purpose. Make every day count and live like each moment could be your last. Start living. Start getting what YOU truly want out of life.

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