Kavanaugh v. Biden: Democratic Hypocrisy Exposed

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It seemed like not that long ago, the Democratic Party was the party that advocated believing all women. If any accusations of sexual assault were ever to be levied against any man, they were to be believed as true until proven false. That was how desperate Democrats were to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

Democrats were ultimately unsuccessful, as “he said, she said” allegations from high school that couldn’t be proven, particularly with an accuser who couldn’t remember key details or keep her story straight, proved to earn for Democrats some significant backlash. But many prominent Democratic celebrity supporters continue to stand by the maxim “Believe all women,” which has proven to be a thorn in the Party’s side now that Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee for the Party’s Presidential nomination.

Biden has long been accused of being too touchy-feely around women, making them feel uncomfortable with his hugs, sniffs, and touching. It’s almost a running joke about him, although most people realize that he’s a creep. Heck, even sympathetic profiles of him make it apparent that the man is weird. For instance, after his first wife was killed in a car crash, Biden expressed how much he missed her by showing an interviewer a photo of her in a bikini, calling her “better than a Playboy bunny” and “my sensuous lover.”

It’s clear that Biden has severe boundary issues, and recent allegations that he assaulted a staffer back in the early 1990s are coming back to haunt his campaign. Predictably, the Democratic spin machine has gone into overdrive, seeking to delegitimize his accuser, while his campaign tried to spin a recent New York Times article by claiming that it cleared Biden, which it clearly didn’t.

Rather than “believing all women,” the Democratic Party is once again sticking up for the abusers and harassers in its midst. The Party fails to speak truth to power, fails to stick to any principles, and has demonstrated once again that there is no limit to how low it will stoop in order to win political power. Let’s hope that voters can see through this hypocrisy come November.

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