How to Keep Your Tomatoes Healthy

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As anyone who’s ever purchased tomatoes in stores can attest, it’s often difficult to find a good tomato in the grocery store. Whether it’s tomatoes picked and shipped unripe, tomatoes poorly stored, or just downright mealy tomatoes, sometimes it makes you want to give up. That’s why so many people try to grow their own tomatoes at home. Nothing beats the taste of a ripe, juicy, homegrown tomato.

But tomatoes aren’t always the easiest vegetables to grow (yes, we know they’re technically fruits.) Two problems in particular beset most homegrowers: blossom end rot and tomato blight. They can make it frustrating for home gardeners to try to grow their own tomatoes, and may even induce them to give up on gardening completely.

Thankfully there are some easy ways to overcome those two problems, and you can read about how to do that in this post from Old World Garden Farms. At a time when more people than ever are trying to grow their own food, knowledge like this can be invaluable to those looking to do their own gardening and achieve a little self-sufficiency in their food supply. Hopefully these useful tips will help you overcome any problems you may be having in growing your own tomatoes.

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