Is the United States Going the Way of Africa?

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Philosopher George Santayana is perhaps best known for his statement that those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. America’s culture today is so focused on the short term that many Americans can’t remember the past, and they will find out the hard way just what it means to repeat it.

Our culture today focuses on instant gratification, living in the moment, and not worrying about the future. Buy that car, buy that house, take on huge loads of debt, and don’t worry about paying the bills. When it comes to political issues, we’re pushed to support the flavor of the month, whether it’s gay rights, transgender rights, or Black Lives Matter, and not pay any attention to what’s really happening, what the real agendas are, or what the future may bring. And as more and more Americans buy into that mindset, the dangers will continue to grow.

Seeing what is happening in the streets of America today is scary. For months, American cities have been wracked by protests, rioting, and looting. Every time a person is shot by police, protests erupt, even if the person shot clearly deserved it. And now people are even starting to target police for execution. It’s almost as though American society is breaking down.

Reading through the history of communist insurgencies around the world, you can see Antifa, BLM, and other leftist groups following the Marxist playbook that has been used for decades. And the greatest number of similarities to our current situation seems to be what took place in Africa in the 1960s and ‘70s.

Africa was a little different in that blacks formed the majority of the population and whites were a minority, albeit a minority in control of the levers of power. But every white-run country in Africa has now given itself over to majority rule, and most are now run by politicians espousing some flavor of socialism or Marxism.

The pattern is roughly similar no matter which country you study. A Marxist insurgency led by blacks posits that the root of the country’s ills is white oppression of black people, and that the solution is to remove white people from power. It begins a guerrilla campaign of violence, striking fear into the hearts of ordinary people. If the government cracks down against the violence, the insurgency claims that the government is racist and oppressive. If the government pulls back, the people think the government is ineffective and isn’t protecting them.

Terrorists in African insurgencies burned farms and businesses, shot down airliners and massacred survivors, and were just as violent to blacks who didn’t want to see the insurgents succeed as they were to white people. Does any of this sound familiar?

In Black Lives Matter we have an organization whose founders acknowledge that their roots are in Marxism, and whose aims aren’t to better the lives of black people but to advance a radical leftist agenda, including destroying traditional family structures. Its adherents use violence to further their aims, blocking interstates, looting, and setting buildings on fire. Blacks who don’t support BLM are called Uncle Toms and browbeaten into submission, while white people who don’t support it are called racist. The movement seeks to shame everyone into supporting it, and many useful idiots who see “Black Lives Matter” as a cute slogan go along in supporting the movement, not knowing that they’re hoisting themselves with their own petards.

To the observer of history, what is going on in the US today has clear parallels to what happened in Africa earlier. And looking at the results of the socialist takeover of most African countries, the results have been predictably poor. Is this what Americans really want for their country? Because if they don’t wake up and realize today that BLM is following the Marxist battle plan to the letter, by the time they do realize it, it will be too late.

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