Social Media Companies Banning Criticism of Biden

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News of conservatives being banned from social media has crossed over into the realm of dog bites man. We’re so used to it now that many times we hardly bat an eye. A conservative banned by Facebook/Twitter/YouTube for saying something conservative? Yawn. But every now and then a case of banning is so egregious that you can’t help but react.

That was the case when Shana Chappell was banned from Instagram a few weeks ago. Chappell’s son, LCpl Kareem Nikoui, was one of the 13 Marines killed at the Kabul airport in the waning days of the US presence in Afghanistan. Chappell was vocal in her insistence that President Biden was to blame for her son’s death, so vocal in fact that she gained numerous new followers on social media.

That was too much for the leftists in Big Tech to stomach, and so they shut down Mrs. Chappell’s Instagram account. As with other recent shutdowns, Instagram walked back its shutdown, claiming that it was a mistake. Whether it was an automated shutdown or the actions of a rogue employee, we’ll never know. But one thing is for certain, had Mrs. Chappell not had nearly as high a profile due to her son’s death, there’s a good chance her ban would still be in effect.

If you didn’t already realize the games social media companies are playing, this should make it readily apparent. They’re pushing the limits to see how far they can go and how much they can get away with without alienating their base.

Thankfully these leftist companies are starting to get some pushback, and going back on their decision to censor conservatives could be an indication that they realize that censorship is a losing tactic. Now it’s on us to keep up the pressure and let Big Tech know that we’re not going to get pushed around and pushed over for speaking our minds.

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