New Chinese Spy Scandal Shows Depth of China’s Influence

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The continued drama surrounding the Presidential election is overshadowing coverage of numerous other issues that otherwise might make national headlines. One of those issues is that of a Chinese spy who gained access to politicians across the country, including one who is now a Member of Congress.

The spy, Christine Fang, came to the United States posing as a student. Through student organizations and political activity in California she quickly became a fixture in Bay Area Democratic politics, fundraising and hobnobbing with numerous politicians. Among those she assisted was Congressman Eric Swalwell. Fang first got to know him when he was a city councillor, then assisted with fundraising for his reelection campaign, and even succeeded in placing an intern in his office. Swalwell is currently a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Fang also had at least two sexual relationships with mayors of American cities, another potential attempt at gaining information about or influence on political ladder climbers. After a few years of activity in the US, however, Fang’s work with Chinese intelligence became known to US authorities. And in an attempt to beat the heat, she boarded a plane to China and hasn’t been heard from since.

This isn’t the first time a California politician has been caught up in a spy scandal. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s longtime driver worked as a spy for China for over 20 years. And these are just the known cases. How many more Chinese spies are working within the US political system, befriending politicians, raising funds, and placing employees?

Our next President is likely already compromised by China, so the rot starts at the top, but the next four years could be critical in demonstrating just how deep China’s reach has become. But since this started during the Clinton administration and the Lincoln Bedroom scandal, it’s highly likely that after 20+ years the Chinese government has Democrats by the short and curlies. And we the people will find out to our detriment just how beholden to China Joe Biden and the Democrats really are.

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