New Round of Protests Besets Minneapolis

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Tensions in Minneapolis are high already, with the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin underway. While that trial is going on, another police shooting nearby has resulted in more protests.

The shooting, which took place in Brooklyn Center, MN, has already spawned protests and looting, and could very likely get the Minneapolis area primed for even more violence once the Chauvin trial ends. Details of the shooting are still hard to come by, but reports in the media have shown the usual pattern.

Daunte Wright’s family are claiming that he was pulled over and killed for having an air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror. Other reports indicate that he may have carjacked someone to get the car he was driving, that he had a gun, and that he had warrants outstanding for his arrest due to failing to appear for a hearing on charges of aggravated robbery. We’ll probably get more clarity in the coming days but, as with previous incidents, facts don’t really matter to the protesters.

Initial reviews of body camera footage seem to indicate that the deceased was fighting police when a female cop announced that she was using a taser. Unfortunately, in the confusion she mistook her pistol for the taser and discharged a round, not a taser probe. That’s the type of accidental shooting that has happened many times before and, while the cop will probably end up being punished for it, she wouldn’t have been put in that situation had the deceased not decided to fight police.

Regardless of the facts, the professional race baiters are out in force once again, using the incident to decry “systemic racism” and to push for more of their leftist agenda like defunding the police, paying reparations to black people, etc. Meanwhile, businesses in the area are being looted, and residents are going to suffer the consequences of that. While Wright’s death may have been accidental and a tragedy, it’s an even greater tragedy that it’s being hijacked and politicized to push the left’s agenda.

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