Progressive Democrats Hate Women

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Leftists love to talk a good game about how much they love, respect, and protect women and their rights. But when the rubber hits the road, their ideology trumps everything else. As a result, women end up getting the shaft.

In our clown world, transgenderism has become the current cause celebre. Everything in our society today is starting to revolve around transgender people, placing them on a pedestal and attempting to silence anyone who would object to the idea that sex and gender are one and the same and completely immutable.

All any man has to do today is claim that he “identifies” as a woman and he gets treated like a woman, no questions asked. And that has allowed a lot of perverts and predators to take advantage of women, using leftist ideology as their shield.

Department store bathrooms may have been the initial flashpoint, but that’s not where women are experiencing the most pain and suffering. There’s a reason women worried about men posing as women using women’s bathrooms, and a reason conservatives stood up for women when leftists wouldn’t.

In California, male inmates pretending to be women have been housed in female prisons, with the result that female inmates now are at risk of rape and abuse. And how did California authorities respond? They gave them condoms and Plan B contraceptives.

Talk about evil and dehumanizing. California officials are tacitly acknowledging that women are going to get raped by male inmates they’re being forced to share housing with. But rather than recognize that the ideologically-driven push to protect supposed transgender people is harming women, and taking steps to keep men separate from women, officials are just telling women to face the reality that they’re going to be raped.

Women are just the collateral damage in the left’s war on reality. And the irony is that this lunacy is being fueled by a vast number of women, especially young white women. Will they eventually use their brains to wake up to the reality that leftist and transgender ideology is harmful to women, or will they have to face the pain and suffering resulting from their ideology first before realizing how wrong they were?

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