Storing Medicine in a SHTF Situation

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The recent controversy over the use of ivermectin to treat COVID has made many people aware of the necessity of storing medicine for a survival situation. While many on the left like to denigrate ivermectin and refer to it (incorrectly) as a horse dewormer, the reality is that ivermectin is a very useful medicine with numerous uses, many of them off-label.

The primary use of ivermectin is as an anti-parasitic, and that’s the reason its discoverers won the Nobel Prize in 2015. Hundreds of millions of people have used it successfully over the years to treat parasites, enabling them to improve their health and their lives.

Because of its low cost and easy availability, many people are able to access ivermectin, which has been a lifesaver for those looking to treat their own potential cases of COVID. And because ivermectin has been readily available through veterinary sources, it has led many people to become aware of the possibility of purchasing and stockpiling veterinary medicines that originally were used in human beings.

Obviously storing medicine has its dangers, one of those being expiration dates. Different storage conditions can reduce the useful lifespan of certain medicines, or lead them to break down such that they become dangerous to use. That’s why it always helps to rotate medicine and medical supplies in your survival preps just as you would rotate food. It may cost a few dollars every couple of years, but it’s worth having the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got the medical gear and medicine you need.

Head on over to Doom and Bloom to learn more about how to properly store medicines for a survival situation. Whether it’s a societal breakdown you’re worried about, or a hurricane like Ida that packs quite a punch, you don’t want to be without medicine in a survival scenario.

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