The Hypocrisy of Gun Controllers

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Talking to people who support gun control, there’s one thing you learn very quickly, namely that logic and reason are not something with which they’re familiar. They argue from emotion, and every single one of their “reasons” to take our guns generally boils down to some sort of emotional argument.

President Biden’s press conference a few weeks ago underscored the ridiculous and hypocritical nature of most arguments for gun control. Biden claimed that it would be impossible to take on the US government with AR-15s and “assault weapons” and that you would need F-15s and nuclear weapons to take on the government.

But on the other hand Biden and other gun controllers are constantly arguing that AR-15s are weapons of war, that they have no place on our streets, and that they are incredibly deadly. So which is it, are they super destructive or highly ineffective? You can’t have it both ways.

And let’s not get started on the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to police and guns. Many gun controllers think only police should have guns, and they have no problem with the police carrying AR-15s or even machine guns. But then on the other hand they’ll often argue that police are racist and that the police should be defunded. So which is it? Do you want heavily armed police or do you want to do away with them?

You can see why arguing with a gun control proponent can be incredibly frustrating. There is no internal consistency or logic to their arguments, only accusations made in the heat of the moment. The problem is that emotional arguments can be very effective, especially to those not used to detecting them or those not able to understand the difference between reason and emotion. Unfortunately, there are tens of millions of Americans who fall into that category, which is why the fight against gun control is going to continue being a long, tough slog.

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