Hungary Bans Gender Studies Programs Due to Lack of Job Market

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Hungary is no longer taking a back seat as its young people are left jobless and its economy loses money for the sake of state-subsidized gender studies education. The populist government banned gender studies programs, affecting two prominent universities; one being its state-funded ELTE university and the other the private Central European University. European media reported that the Ministry of Human Capacities took action since it has been found “that there is absolutely no interest for gender studies graduates in the Hungarian job market.”

According to the Index Mundi, two “systemic” economic challenges that the country faces are long-term and youth unemployment and a skilled labor shortage. And according to Wikipedia, Hungary’s “major industries” are food processing, pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, information technology, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, electrical goods, and tourism. Of course, missing from this list is anything related to “gender studies.”

The Hungarian government also noted that the programs put a strain on university finances, especially since alumni are not financially stable enough to give gifts. The ministry reportedly found that the course is “economically irrational” and “serves other interests,” causing economic instability. So what are these other interests?

Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson said that he believes the intention of the gender studies movement was a “terrible striving for arbitrary power” associated with dismantling a perceived “patriarchy.” Peterson discussed with professor Camille Paglia what the goals were of gender studies advocates in an October interview. Paglia lamented that when gender studies departments were first being introduced to universities, she “couldn’t even have a conversation with any of these women; they were hysterical about the subject of biology. They knew nothing about hormones.”

Peterson chimed in, noting that he feels the hysteria surrounding the birth of gender studies programs in universities was related to the “post-modern emphasis on power.” He noted that leftists are obsessed with creating a “utopia” where everyone is equal because they feel that “everything is a linguistic construct” that can be manipulated. In other words, the programs were instituted not to teach students how to be contributing members of society, but to sow division.

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