The Iron Fist of the Anti-Human Left Is Becoming More Apparent Every Day

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For decades the left liked to describe itself as “liberal,” co-opting the language of classical liberalism to push leftist ideas that classical liberals would have stridently opposed. Those leftists advocated for an incredibly permissive view of free speech, so that no idea was too crazy to be advanced or advocated for. They pushed for moral relativism, so that every thought was equally valid and there was nothing that could be describe as right or wrong. And they pushed for absolute tolerance, demanding that every idea they came up with be tolerated and not counteracted.

Leftists also infiltrated academia, schools, and the media so that they would control access to information. From childhood on, any person attending public schools will be the subject of intended indoctrination into left-wing thought, with teachers, professors, and journalists skewing everything they say to reflect their leftist sympathies. For the average American teenager today, unless they’ve grown up with conservative parents who teach their children right from wrong, they have probably never come into contact with conservative thought, and they’ve probably never learned that there is such a thing as absolute truth.

But now that the left has completely dominated those vitally important areas of society, the facade of tolerance and respect has left them. Their true desire to dominate others is finally coming to the fore, as groups like Antifa reflect the iron fist of leftism that was always present under the velvet glove of tolerance and moral relativism. Now anyone who fails to kowtow immediately to the latest demands of the intolerant left is denounced as a bigot, a racist, a white supremacist, etc.

That has become particularly clear when it comes to discussing climate change, the new religion of the left. Despite the numerous factors that affect climate, the left is convinced that human beings are the primary factor behind climate change. Their solution, therefore, to solve the problem of climate change is to reduce the number of people living in the world.

That’s the motivation behind population control efforts such as supporting legalized abortion, sterilizing Third World populations, and pushing for carbon taxes. The left knows that reducing carbon emissions will result in lower standards of living, worse health, and the deaths of millions more people every year. But that’s not a defect to their minds, it’s the goal. They want nothing more than to eradicate huge numbers of people from the world, seeing human beings as a cancer on the planet.

Of course, they’re never willing to set an example for others by reducing their own carbon emissions or killing themselves. No, it’s always someone else who has to suffer so that the leftists can act smugly superior to everyone. That ultimately demonstrates just how seriously we should accept leftists’ arguments on climate change, since they won’t even act personally on their own policy recommendations.

But that hypocrisy needs to be pointed out, as the effects of their policy recommendation are purposely intended to eliminate the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. The eugenicist movement that was so popular with leftists like Margaret Sanger never died, it just morphed and has now merged itself with the climate change movement. At its core it reminds us that the left isn’t actually concerned with bettering the lives of other people, just the lives of privileged Western leftist elites. The modern left is just as anti-human as it has ever been.

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