Are You Settling? Don’t Settle

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In life when we are faced with the choices of staying in our comfort zone or going down the path of uncertainty in search of passion and fulfillment, many people will choose to stay in the comfort zones. Instead we should not settle for anything less than our best life possible.

The reason people choose comfort is because we feel safe in familiarity. Evolutionarily speaking, this makes sense. If we veered from the tribe, if we didn’t didn’t follow everyone down the well-trodden path, there was a real chance we wouldn’t make it. In the days of our grandfathers, it made more sense to stick to a decently paying job that would provide middle class benefits for decades, than it did to try to start a business or enter a niche market.

At one point in time choosing the well-trodden path made sense, it passed the cost-benefit analysis, but today it doesn’t. Today, choosing the well-trodden path means giving up on living the life of your dreams while not actually receiving any long-term security. You see, in today’s world choosing what feels familiar and safe is an illusion of security, while in reality it’s the giving up of your edge.

Today things are changing more rapidly than ever before. The possibilities today are nearly endless. Today more people than ever work for themselves, have empowered themselves through technology and the internet, and have pulled themselves out of poverty.

To be on top of your game and to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist today, one should reject safety and familiarity. Instead throw yourself into the fire. Embrace constant learning and continual growth, perpetual experimentation, and entrepreneurialism.

Because you were born in the best times in human history, because you have access to so much knowledge, information, connections, and capital, because you have more freedom than anyone else before you, and because it is guaranteed that you will die, that this life WILL end, the only choice for you to make is to live life as fully as possible, to leave no stone unturned. To not settle for mediocrity, but to strive for greatness. To take risks and to throw yourself into the fire endlessly. Rage against the dying of the light and make your wildest dreams a reality. It’s feasible in today’s world. Why pass up the only opportunity to be your own hero?

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