Chicago Threatens to Destroy Churches

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If there’s anything we should be grateful for about the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s for exposing many of our neighbors and especially our government officials as ruthless tyrants willing to trample on anyone and anything that defies their will. That’s particularly true of governments in Democrat-controlled areas, who seem to have forgotten that the First Amendment exists. In their zeal to pretend to care about the lives of their people, these governments have no problem erasing all of our rights in their effort to allegedly prevent the spread of COVID.

Take the city of Chicago for example, which has threatened two churches with being destroyed. The city has attempted to keep the churches from holding services, and threatens that if they fail to comply with the city’s mandates, they will be declared public nuisances and a threat to public health. The city further claims that it has the power to abate all public nuisances, meaning it could close and destroy the churches with little or no notice and no due process.

If authorities can use the excuse of public health to close churches and threaten to destroy them, there really isn’t anything in our society that is sacred. Our rights are meaningless if the government can trample over them with a simple declaration, with public health as the excuse. The fact is that human interaction will always result in the passage of viruses and germs. Thus any place people meet or congregate could be deemed a public health nuisance at any time. The supposed concern for public health is merely a cover for government’s crackdown on religion, and a highly convenient one at that.

COVID is just like climate change, a “threat” that is blown out of proportion and used by governments as an excuse to engage in all sorts of draconian behavior. Too many people have accepted the government’s narrative, accepting unquestioningly the “facts” that this virus is uncommonly dangerous, infectious, fatal, etc., despite reams of evidence to the contrary. Americans need to question the government’s media-hyped narrative and combat it at every turn, otherwise they may find themselves having lost all their God-given rights after this crisis runs its course.

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