The Swamp Still Doesn’t Get It

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Four years after President Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections, the DC swamp is still just as alive and kicking as ever. That’s unfortunate, and it demonstrates that not even a strong President is going to be enough to overturn decades of bureaucracy run amok. But if you thought the swamp might learn something from President Trump’s victory and perhaps change its attitude toward the common man, you’d be sorely mistaken. Not only do the swamp creatures disdain everyday Americans more than ever, they’ve become emboldened to be even more in-your-face about it.

A typical example of that is the case of Anthony Fauci, the mainstream media’s appointed coronavirus expert. Fauci, whose tone-deaf attitude and hypocritical actions have been repeatedly pointed out, just about outdid himself this time. With coronavirus cases rising in the US, he stated last week that “now is the time to do what you’re told.”

We’ve already “done what we’re told” in shutting down our economies, closing churches, and forcing masks on just about everyone. Yet none of those measures did anything to bring COVID under control. Fauci, in his overweening hubris, believes that government action can actually halt the spread of this virus, and that the only reason it’s still spreading is that the American people are a bunch of uneducated, contrarian morons who won’t listen to the orders they’re given by genius doctors like himself.

Fauci also bemoaned the fact that the debate surrounding COVID has been “lumped into politics,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’s a government bureaucrat and that the only reason anyone pays attention to anything he has to say is that state governments have hundreds of thousands of armed policemen ready to use violence to enforce any of his agency’s recommendations that state governors feel like turning into mandates.

Now that President Trump is facing an uphill battle to remain in office, and a Biden administration looks like a sure thing, expect to see more of this attitude from DC’s swamp creatures. They think that because they’ve defeated Trump, they’ve also defeated the movement that swept him into power. They’re mistaken, however, and their continued browbeating of the American people and condescending attitude towards American citizens will only sow the seeds for Trump or someone like him to retake the White House in 2024.

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