What Tools Do You Need for a TEOTWAWKI Situation?

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Being forced to stay at home for the past two months has led many people to reassess their lives, their savings, and their preparations. Many, even those who considered themselves to be preppers or quasi-preppers, were caught unaware by just how difficult it has been to find basic staples in the current economic climate. And in a true TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) situation, many of them would have been hurting turkey.

Those same people also probably realized that with a lot of extra time on their hands, they could catch up on projects around the house. But in order to finish those projects you need to have the right tools. And while home improvement stores are still open, the long lines, shorter hours, and reduced staff have made them even less pleasant to shop at than usual. That’s all the more reason to make sure that you have enough tools on hand to be able to power through any situation.

If you want to put together a comprehensive selection of tools that will get you by, head over to Survival Sullivan to read all about the ultimate home toolkit for survival and emergencies. One caveat, however – the list is geared towards a grid-down scenario such as you might see after a hurricane or tornado, or after a societal breakdown, so there are no power tools on it. So be aware of that, and realize that in a situation like the one we’re in right now, it really helps to have power tools too.

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