Whitmer’s Story Begins to Unravel

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When you’re caught in a lie, it’s best not to keep talking. Inevitably, when you keep talking you keep giving more and more details, details which eventually begin to contradict each other. That has been the downfall of many a businessman, politician, or criminal over the centuries. The more you talk, the more the web of lies begins to break down. And now Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is finding herself in a similar situation.

You may recall that Whitmer came under fire last month for a vacation she took to Florida, at a time when she was urging Michigan residents not to travel to Florida lest they contract COVID. Whitmer alleged after the fact that the trip wasn’t a vacation, but rather a trip to see her ailing father and take care of him.

But now we learn that the plane she chartered to take her to Florida (because flying commercial would have exposed her hypocrisy) wasn’t authorized by the FAA to make charter flights. She claims that the charter flight was made for security reasons, yet Whitmer never notified Florida law enforcement officials that she was entering the state.

Perhaps even more damning, the flight was paid for by a 501(c)(4) so-called “dark money” fund that Whitmer had started. But in order to pay for the flight, there would have had to be some sort of official function for the trip. Yet Whitmer claims the trip was purely personal. Clearly something is afoot here.

Whether this gets the attention of government officials ready to prosecute Whitmer is uncertain. But unless she stops trying to spin a web of lies, she could end up in some serious hot water. What would be even better would be if Michiganders could step up their efforts to recall her. Between her utter mismanagement of COVID, her attempts at dictatorial rule, and her outright hypocrisy, she isn’t fit to lead. Michigan can’t afford another 18 months of her rule.

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